The Hurleyville Arts Centre is a community cultural center where multi-national, inter-generational, and all abilities are represented through storytelling, film, dance, visual arts, theater and music.

The Arts Centre was established in 2016 through partnerships with the Center for Discovery, the community, and local philanthropic organizations. It houses dance studios, a movie theater, a yoga studio, a gallery and an event space. Resultant of many big dreams and hard work the Arts Centre is now a lively community arts center adding to the rich cultural history of Sullivan County.


At this point in time the need for connection is greater than ever. How better to achieve that goal than through the arts. Making a social impact through inclusivity while supporting communities rich with creativity and natural beauty is the driving force behind the Hurleyville Arts Centre.

The language of theater, dance, music and visual art span all ages, abilities, cultures, and nations; the Hurleyville Arts Centre’s intention is to focus on cultural accessibility and to  encourage an awareness of the natural world through the arts.


Janet Carrus

Founder & Artistic Director

Richard Humleker

Vice President for Development

Erin Dudley

Assistant to the Artistic Director & Arts Program Director

Dara Perlman

Box office Manager & General Assistant

Ellyane Hutchinson

Web Administrator & Gallery Coordinator

Michael Coney

Technical Director & Cinema Manager


Graphic and marketing support

Artist Residencies

Hurleyville is a small hamlet in the beautiful setting of the  Catskills with walking trails restaurants and nearby amenities. Hurleyville Arts Centre is dedicated to supporting an immersive creative experience by offering an inclusive space where artists are free of space and time limitations.  In addition to H.A.C’s rehearsal spaces residents will have access to The Hurleyville Makers Lab wood shop, 3d printer, laser cutter, long arm sewing machine, recording studio, green screen and more where artists can build virtual or physical sets, soundtracks and film. Upon completion of  the residency artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work in H.A.C’s performance spaces, chosen outdoor spaces, cinema , or Gallery 222.  

Featured Artists:

The Hurleyville Arts Centre partners with artists who share our vision of inclusivity through the language of movement, fashion and film. We are honored to partner with Heidi Latsky Dance as Resident Artist in 2017. Ms Latsky performed at the H.A.C community opening in 2016. She will continue to develop movement works, residencies, and performances with the Hurleyville community and professionals throughout 2017. Heidi will host open rehearsals, films workshops and classes April – Dec. of 2017. http://heidilatskydance.com/

Professional Development

The Hurleyville Arts Centre is working with companies that can utilize local talent and skills. Creating connections that reveal the breadth of talent in Fallsburg and Sullivan County through local participation and community activities that bring people and businesses together.

Hurleyville Arts Partners

The Hurleyville Arts Centre is proud to be partnered with local arts businesses who encourage the enrichment of our community members by engaging them in art appreciation, art creation, invention, and history. “Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing.


Hurleyville Arts Centre
219 Main Street
Hurleyville NY 12747

( Google maps:  12 Railroad Ave, Hurleyville, NY 12747 )

Have a question? Email us at info@hacny.org or call us at 845-707-8047