Comics Uniting Nations

2pm -2:30 Performance by Annie Sunbeam & Protecting Life Under Water Comic. (Pre K-Early Elementry)
2:40-3:10 Panel Discussion with Comics Uniting Nations co-founder Natabara Rollosson,  Comic Book Artist Bernard Chang and Debbie Margolis Horwitz executive producer of Kreative Kontent.


Comics Uniting Nations is a partnership of UNICEF and NGOs PCI Media Impact and Reading with Pictures, to make the Sustainable Development Goals accessible to the citizens of the world through comics.

With the help of creative, academic, publishing and technology partners from around the globe we will create and distribute The Comics Guide to the Global Goals. This series leverages the universal visual language and transformative power of comics to educate people in every corner of the globe about the SDGs and empower them to create positive and lasting change in their own communities and worldwide.

This event will focus on Comics Uniting Nation’s comic “Annie Sunbeam.”

Annie Sunbeam™ is the heroic leader of the intergalactic, cross-species Solution to Pollution Crew™. In the 1st comic to address SDG 14, Life Below Water, Annie decides to travel to earth in her Space Cab for a nice vacation. Her plan is quickly interrupted when she observes the harmful behavior of humans towards the environment, oceans, rivers and streams. Soon, her vacation turns investigation as she uncovers the mind-controlling daze which is causing people to harm their own planet.