North Indian Vocal Concert

Live at HPAC 2021

Live Concert rescheduled for 2021 Season

Kirana is one of the most prolific Indian classical styles of singing with perfect intonation of notes.

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Sanhita Nandi is one of the most acclaimed artists of Hindustani Classical Vocal, of current times in Kirana Gharana. She has received great recognition and reviews on her mastery over the delivery of pitch, tonal precision, use of micro-tones and tone-fragments, the main characterization of Kirana Gharana style. Sanhita Nandi has performed all over the world at premier classical music festivals and concerts. Her debut film song was shortlisted in the Original Song category for the Oscars 88th Academy Awards.

On Tabla: Vivek K Pandya, this child prodigy has been learning tabla from world renowned tabla maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee for the past ten years. Initially he was guided in tabla by his uncle Viral Pandya. He has also played solos in India and USA. He was invited as a child artist by the dean of MSU School of Music for a lecture series on characteristics of Farrukhabad Gharana in 2015 and 2017. Aside from playing solo Vivek has accompanied several upcoming talented musicians and established artists. His tonal quality, clarity of bols, speed and musicality has been recognized by musicians and music lovers all around the world.

On Harmonium: Keval Kavle, learned from Sandeep Manohar, Prakash Chitnis & Pt. Vishwanath Kanhere. He accompanied many prominent artists in India, and he is studying now in USA.