Leimay: Ludus Movement Workshop

June 23, 2019 | 10:30 am | $20

LEIMAY LUDUS Class: “From Water to Becoming” led by Ximena Garnica

This one and a half hour class is open to anybody curious about movement, imagination and transformation as a state of being. Participants will be exposed to some of the aspects of the LEIMAY LUDUS movement practice. All bodies are welcome and no movement/dance experience is needed.

The workshop is followed by a potluck and conversation among participants and community members in the Arts Centre performance space / Ballroom.

LUDUS is the underlying methodology of Ximena Garnica, Shige Moriya and the LEIMAY Ensemble work. It cultivates imagination and a heightened awareness of gravity, friction, and weight. It nourishes deep states of listening and explores potential connections between the body’s materiality, voice, thoughts; between spaces and materials; revealing domains of transformation and potentiality.